Christmas Gift Idea: Braun Silk-expert IPL

braun-silk-expert-ipl-reviewDon’t you hate constant shaving, it’s such a waste of time, however, you can’t avoid it! Since always I have been complaining about the time-consuming shaving, because I think life could be so much easier if we would not need to shave every week or let’s be real, at least twice per week. I have been checking out laser hair removals and IPLs for a while now but never had the guts to actually book a session in a professional salon or actually invest in a professional hair removal. Luckily, I have people in my life that sometimes listen to what I say 😉 and I have been lucky enough to receive a pre-birthday present, and there it was Braun Silk-expert IPL. Happy days! If you still don’t know what to buy for your dearest friend this Christmas, then treat your woman in life with something special like the Braun Silk-expert IPL.  



Lately I have been over occupied with workload my new job brings to my life and I literally did not find the time to focus on my blog, and share fun and inspiring stories with you. Honestly, I do not like the situation I am in at the moment, but hopefully, sooner or later I will manage to find a work-blog balance. I really love blogging and I am one of those who believe in saying “focus on what makes you happy, and do not let anyone bring you down” So, enough about me, let me tell you what beautiful items I received in LookIncredible Beauty Box November edition.

Pampering at Bournemouth Francesco Group salon

francesco group salon review



Why not pamper yourself at Bournemouth Francesco group hair salon? A while ago I got this amazing opportunity to treat myself in their Bournemouth salon which I absolutely adore. For all of you who have not noticed, all Scissors salons have recently renamed to Francesco Group. Want to know more? I am sure you do. So, Scissors has opened its first salon in Westbourne in year 1963, then in 2008 was acquired by Francesco Group.

Shopping in Charity Shops. Yes or No?

Do you enjoy shopping? Have you spent every penny of your salary on new clothes but still wondering what to wear?

If the answer is YES, then continue reading as I built few outfits from charity/second-hand shops. Obviously there are pros and cons to shopping second-hand, but I hit up some charity shops this week to see if the pros (cheap prices; this season’s styles for less) outweigh the cons (more off-season stock and clothes that have seen better days).

charity shops

6 Plants That Can Help You Get The Ultimate Body

green vegetables

It’s never too late to start working on that beach-ready body. I have a simple solution for you: eat less and work out more. Undoubtedly, this is easier said than done, but one easy way to overhaul your diet is to replace the ‘bad’ foods with the healthy. As you probably already know, exercising combined with bad food won’t give you your desired results. And guess what? It’s extremely important to eat healthy, nutritious food.

LookIncredible Beauty Box August Review


LookIncredible Beauty Box August

Hello, I have to admit I haven’t been a good blogger recently, but in the summer all I fancy doing is chilling on the beach and the time just flies away. By the time I got home from the beach, another month went by, and so has another beauty box! I missed the July LookIncredible Beauty Box. But, it’s never too late and LookIncredible Beauty Box August is here to be revealed! LookIncredible Beauty Box never disappoints. I am simply amazed by the products included in the box. Definitely a great value for the money!

Wardrobe organisation ideas for girls on the move

My biggest issue is “how to organise my wardrobe”. It always seems like a mission impossible, so here is Derek Lotts sharing helpful tips with us.

The lives we all live these days are so hectic that it’s getting almost impossible to stay true to your routines and habits that you’ve been so used to relying on, and it’s even harder to stay tidy and organised. Depending on the type of work you do and your relationship/family status, your life surely has the tendency to become too overwhelming, that is, if you get stuck as to how to plan it out. Fast lives, fast jobs, a lot of traveling, too many commitments… it’s so easy to get absolutely lost! Even though I am guy, I can say that we are not that different. We too have wardrobe organisation issues, just rarely tackle them. But it’s not about the gender it’s about getting up in the morning and being able to easily find what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re super busy. I had a lot of clutter and a lot of pieces just scattered here and there. Good guy Google helped me out. I started doing research and next thing you know; I was customising my own wardrobe. I managed to keep it all under control and tidy for two years now. It’ doable. It’s definitely doable. To lend a hand everyone (at least a bit), I’m laying out a wonderfully helpful set of tricks and hacks that will help even the busiest girls out there!

Knock knock!

For spaces that are tiny, it is crucial to make use of every bit of them in order to have your things under control. Organizing a small space isn’t just about storing things but also about how easily you can find them when you are in a hurry. Using the inside of your wardrobe  door to lay out your belts, jewellery , bags, scarves and other light items is perfect! You can even make your own hanger!

wardrobe tips
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The Quick Guide To What To Wear At Gigs!

gig outfitsWhether you’re a Carl Cox, Calvin Harris or Coldplay kinda gal, I’ve got you covered with perfect outfits to wear to any gig. With genres like metal or reggae, you probably feel the need to go with some sort of genre-related outfit, but not necessarily. For example, I love black and I wish there was a colour darker than black, but that doesn’t mean that I am into hardcore metal – in fact, I’m not at all, with my music tastes being quite the opposite. Sometimes I find myself singing along to the sweet tunes of Taylor Swift, and in the evening I’m more likely to be rocking the dancefloor, listening to Jooris Voorn.


look incredible beauty box

A new month is here, and with it is the new beauty box from Look Incredible. It is my second beauty box from Look Incredible as I was so amazed with their April edition. With no skincare samples, only full sized products. Win – win, isn’t it? May edition did not disappoint either but I have to say that I prefer April edition over this one. This box is once again featuring 5 full sized products. Again, another reason for the purchase as it is a great value for the money which totals £86.