How to Balance Work/Life While Working from Home?


Currently, most of us work from home due to the COVID-19 and this isn’t always so easy for everyone. Especially if you have a big family and lots of kids to constantly distract you from the task at hand. And while there are many advantages to running a business or being part of one from the comfort of your bedroom, the fact that you don’t have a dedicated workspace can really get in the way sometimes.

However, with the right approach, you can significantly boost your productivity and efficiently balance out your work and your everyday life, so you can actually get some work done and not fall behind with your family obligations. In this article, we’re going to be discussing a few useful tips that you can use to achieve just that.

Make a Schedule

This one is rather obvious, but a lot of people tend to overlook it, which is a really bad idea. If you don’t plan out your day and know exactly at which moment you’ll be doing what, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the very beginning. So make a timetable, and get to work on some kind of routine, as much as you can. Not every workday will look exactly the same and it’s okay to modify your routine somewhat, but just make sure that you have some kind of foundation and some kind of deadline.

Leave Backup Time

No matter how well you plan out your day, you always have to count for potential delays and mishaps that will force you to alter your plan. This is why it’s very important to leave some “blank” time in-between tasks so that in the event that something does come up, you have sufficient time to take care of it.

On the bright side, if nothing comes up, you’ll have an hour or two extra every day that you can spend on yourself, so be as time-efficient as possible. And trust us, no matter how menial it might sound now, an extra hour every day is valuable time that you can spend doing a lot of cool stuff.

Regular Working Hours

Work from home

If you’re going to stick a routine, it’s necessary that you have a fixed time every day when you’re working and when you’re not. Explain to your family how important this is to you and why they must respect your privacy, because if you’re bothered by constant distractions from your kids and spouse, you need to correct that ASAP. A lot of people experience pressure from their spouses to do certain household tasks while they’re working, the excuse being that “you’re at home anyway”. No, you’re not at home, you’re at work, and for all intents and purposes during your working hours, you should be completely unavailable to your other household members, just as if you were in an office.

Stay Efficient, Improve Your Conditions

There’s no better way to say it, unfortunately. Stop procrastinating, get focused on what you’re doing and do it. If you find that doing that is rather difficult, perhaps you don’t have the right conditions for a working environment. Fix your lighting, swap out a chair if yours is too hard or too soft. If your Internet connection is laggy, consider changing providers. These little things make all the difference when trying to be efficient from your home office, so make sure you pay them some mind.

Take Breaks

Finally, you should always have some time left over for yourself. A hot shower at the end of the workday (or even before it) is a great way to eliminate excess stress and save energy for another eventful workday tomorrow. Having some time to yourself to meditate, enjoy a good book, or even just relax and do nothing for a change is essential if you don’t want to burn yourself out quickly.

Also, short 20 to 30-minute naps in the middle of your working hours are a great way to boost your productivity in the short term. Whatever it is, just remember that you’re a human being, not a robot, and that taking some time off can actually be beneficial for your career, instead of the other way around. Good luck!

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Article written in collaboration with Adam Ferraresi.

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