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Hi beautiful,

So excited to share my 1st beauty blogger box swap. If you do not know what that is, let me sum it up for you. Amazing blogger Sarah Fynn proposed to do a blogger box swap. I was up for it immediately as I love unboxing beauty boxes, you never know whatโ€™s inside before you actually open it, so exciting. It is between you and other blogger to set up a price limit and date when to send over the boxes. Once you are done with shopping, you package it up and send it. With Sarah we agreed to exchange skincare products worth ยฃ15. It was quite challenging as it is really difficult to get good products for that little. I think I was quite lucky and found really nice products, I hope so ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope Sarah likes what I have sent her. Check her review here.ย 

Best part of bloggers box swap? You can reach more readers because blogger with whom you paired with, will definitely share and mention you in the feature.

Let me tell you more about the goodies I received.

Bloggers box swap products

Beauty box contains:

  • OLE HENRIKSEN African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser
  • AVON Royal Jelly Hand Cream
  • dermaV10 Vanilla Thriller Bath Caviar
  • GARNIER Pure Active Pore Purifying Toner
  • GARNIER Intensive Moisturizing Cream
  • NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads
  • many samples from PรœR, Skinade, Carita and Dermalogica

First of all, OLE HENRIKSEN African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, is my new fav cleanser. Besides that it smells heavenly, it leaves your skin soft and smooth after applying. You can easily remove any dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture. It does 3 in 1; cleanses, nourishes, and hydrates. Undoubtedly, it is a natural cleanser and WITHOUT Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. Definitely worth investing in it!

2nd on the list is AVON Royal Jelly Hand Cream. Honestly I did not expect much from it as I usually do not buy Avon products but I have to admit that I was positively surprised. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am suffering from dry skin, especially during winter. This hand cream is amazing, as it absorbs in skin immediately, and it is super intensive moisturizer thanks to royal jelly included in the formula. Moisture even after repeated hand washes. My skin feels so soft and silky now.

dermaV10 Vanilla Thriller Bath Caviar is next on the list. I am sure it must be super relaxing to take a bath with this Vanilla Caviar. Sadly I do not have a bath in my flat ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I am so looking forward to move soon, on my โ€œmust haveโ€ checklist for new flat, is definitely a bath. It would be so nice to relax in it, especially in winter.

Samples flowers

Having said that, my skin is super dry, so luckily I do not have a problem with pores. GARNIER Pure Active Pore Purifying Toner is not for me but I do know with whom to share it with. I have read many reviews about it and people claim that their skin got dramatically better after 2 weeks of use. Do not try to use it, if you have a dry skin as it will dry it out. For your convenience, Sarah also included GARNIER Intensive Moisturizing Cream which is perfect for dry to normal skin. Whoop – whoop! Cream absorbs in skin instantly and leaves your skin soft. I have tested it and I can confirm that it does what it says. Can be used on body, face and hands. I would use it on body and hands only if your skin is dry as after I applied foundation, my skin looked slightly cakey.

The last product is fabulous NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads. Who does not love Nip + Fab products, even beauty queen Kylie Jenner is fan of it. Pads are soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid retexture + resurface skin whilst witch hazel helps to tone. Your skin will become brighter plus smoother looking. I have tried few products from glycolic and they do the trick. Best part? So simple to use. The pads are all ready to go so can easily be used straight away and they smell so lovely. After the use, my skin felt so smooth and bright, ready to apply makeup in the morning. I will definitely purchasing this in the future. Simple beautification!


Sarah has also included few sample products which I have not had a chance to try on yet. Thank you dear for everything, I love testing new products, anyhow, I think samples are a great way to figure out if you want to invest in a full size product. Do not forget to check out what’s in Sarah’s beauty box. I hope it was a good choice I made ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you like unboxing beauty boxes?










  1. Johanna

    What a cool idea! This should be done more often among friends as well as you can get stuck and always buy the same products. And your pictures are stunning!

    • FashionMission

      Thank you very much Johanna. You are so sweet! Box is really a interesting way of communicating with people and off course finding out about new products. xx

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