How to Capture the Perfect Travel Photos?

I always wonder how to capture picture-perfect photos and here I have a solution for all of you. When you’re on vacation or just traveling around, the memories of the beautiful places, people, scenery, smells and tastes that you experience will always stay with you. And, of course, the best way to continuously enjoy these memories is by capturing the moment in the most faultless way. Besides having fun and exploring new cultures while traveling, it is also one of the best things that you can do for your health. It helps your physical and mental health, with many travelers saying that it’s also excellent for the soul. Read more about why traveling is good for your health here


If you are lucky and have a professional photographer as a spouse, who never leaves the house without his camera, can make taking “picture-perfect” travel photos seem like a walk in the park. But, in reality, it is very simple! Mastering the skills of photography is a lengthy process, but taking the perfect shot is easier than you think—even when taking photos with your mobile phone! With that in mind, there is no need to be disappointed with your vacation photos any longer.

Composition: How to Frame Your Shot

Arranging the visual elements of your photos is essential in telling a good travel story, so always make sure to creatively choose the subject, focal point, and background.  The subjects and focal points in photos are vital because that’s what people first concentrate their attention to. Using people as subjects will enhance the scale of the photo and create a lively and influential snapshot.


One of the biggest mistakes people make in photography is leaving too much empty space in their photos, so pay close attention to the background and your camera position.  The background is important because it can help simplify the scene or add depth to the photo, so make sure to choose your camera position wisely. Filling the frame makes the subject look larger and reduces the “clutter” or “bare” look from your photos—depending on the scene you’re shooting—so always make sure to get it right.

The Rule of Thirds

Most people think that the main focal point should be in the middle of the photo, but that’s only if you want boring, uninteresting shots. The rule of thirds is a theory that dictates how an image should be placed within a photo to create a visually pleasing outcome.

It starts by dividing a photo into 9 equal parts, like the shape of a tic-tac-toe grid, and landing your subject between two of the meeting points—giving you four focal points for each photo. This is a great way to find the main focus point within your photo while also naturally grab the viewer’s attention.

The World of Apps

With our modern day technology, the world of photography is advancing at an alarming rate. Besides Photoshop and Lightroom, there are several apps and websites you can use straight from your phone to edit and improve your travel images on the go.


Instagram, VSCO, and EyeEm are ideal when discussing useful editing applications. The options to enhance your travel photos are almost endless with these applications. For an example, Instagram allows you to crop photos while also being able to adjust the brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, highlights, and shadows of the image!

Keep Your Photos Integrity—Don’t Over Do It

Don’t go overboard with the editing and filters.  All you need is subtle editing to improve the overall look of the photo. Balancing the exposure by brightening the shadows and darkening the highlights will increase the quality of most landscape photos. With Instagram, you can now choose the level of intensity for every filter so you shouldn’t worry about adding “too much” of a certain filter.  If you feel like you added too much, dial it back some. You want your photos to look creatively realistic—not photoshopped.

For the 1.184 billion people that traveled abroad in 2015, capturing the perfect travel snap is accomplishable and easier than anyone ever thought. Being creative, framing your shot, and subtle editing will take those vacation images to next level.  After reading these tips, you should never be disappointed with your travel photography ever again. Have fun, enjoy your travel adventures, and always make sure to keep your camera or cell phone nearby— especially if you want to guarantee that those distant vacation memories stay with you forever.

Cristina Nika Kask, editor of the HighStyleLife has shared few tips on how to capture the perfect travel photos in this blog post.

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