Raffaello Cake

Happy December is coming to an end. Undoubtedly, you must have had many chances to indulge yourself with yummy cookies and desserts over holiday but December is not over yet. Before we start with New Year’s resolutions such as detox, diet, healthy lifestyle and so on (borringgg :)), New Year, New Me 🙂 I think we deserve to have at least one more piece of yummy dessert before we enter the New Year. This Raffaello Cake is a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve dessert.  

I am not a cake master, nevertheless this Raffaello cake is super easy to make and if you know Raffaello Chocolate, you will love it, it tastes even better.

What 2015’s Most-Liked Instagram Photos Say About Us

Recently I was offered this amazing opportunity to write for “The Closet – Hit The Floor”. I am so overwhelmed to share my first article with you where I talk about What 2015’s Most-Liked Instagram Photos Say About Us. Undoubtedly, you all know who is dominating the 2015 list, it is Swift – Jenner “war”. Have you ever thought what most liked photos say about us? 

Swift vs Jenner

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Scissors Ladies Night

Scissors Ladies Night ChristchurchNot long ago I got invited to Scissors Ladies Night event as they celebrated their 4th Birthday. I was delighted as I usually get my hair done in one of their salons which I think are amazing and the service provided is always spot on. It was perfect timing as I am about to change my hairstyle and wanted to know more about how to take care of my hair during winter as my hair loves to get tangled during cold season.



afternoon tea food


how are you? I hope you are more than fabulous and already in festive spirit 🙂 This post differs from my other posts where I usually talk about makeup or outfit suggestions. If you haven’t been to the UK, you may have not come across the “Afternoon Tea” ritual. Afternoon Tea in the UK does not literally mean drinking tea in the afternoon haha, it’s more than that 🙂 It is a tea ritual including a light meal typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm. It is sort of a pre-meal before dinner to stem the hunger of an evening meal which is why it was first introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. Afternoon Tea usually includes tea, coffee or champagne and it is served with finger food. Traditional Afternoon Tea is composed of sandwiches, cakes or pastries and scones with jam.  


I think we all forget that being environmentally friendly is not only about recycling and saving water but there is much more. Diana Smith has shared this exclusive content with us to find out Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion.

In order to be really environmentally conscious, you should think about all the different possibilities you can have to protect your environment. It does not have to stop with recycling and with making sure that you do not waste a lot of energy or water. You can do much more by investing in sustainable fashion as well, because you will be supporting the businesses who wish you do something to preserve nature. Furthermore, it is possible to get really good quality clothing even with organic ingredients, and it will be less polluting to the world.

Sustainable Fashion, Environmentally friendly


If you want to freshen up your night, try this crazy recipe for a Watermelon Mojito. It is very simple to make, taste very good, and all of your friends will love it.

All you need for WATERMELON MOJITO is:

Watermelon (it does taste better if it’s cold or add ice cubes)


Fresh mint leaves

White Rum

Watermelon mojito


Torrent de Pareis Mallorca
Torrent de Pareis

Hi there,

I decided to share a few snaps with you from my trip to Mallorca. Mallorca known as the “insula maior”  is the largest island of the Balearic Islands surrounded with beautiful Mediterranean sea. If you feel the urge for the sun because the summer is taking too long to show up or just need a short escape from reality, then Mallorca is what you are looking for. You will find a number of magnificent beaches, from sandy to rocky beaches, from wild to man made beaches.