GLAM AND GLITTER christmas outfit

My Christmas outfit this year is filled with glamour, glitz and lots of sparkles. I think there is no such thing as too much glitter but make sure to save a few glitters for New Year’s Eve. If you want to look glamorous, team a pretty black glittery dress with your statement high heels as I did and you will get a nice glam and glitter Christmas outfit. Make sure to pick a spectacular outfit that will make you feel especially festive on Christmas day whether you are staying at home with family or going out partying.


Christmas Wishlist

Happy December has begun and I decided to share my beloved Christmas Wishlist with you. It’s actually my Christmas plus Birthday Wishlist as I am one of those (un)lucky babies born in December. On one hand it’s nice as everyone is in festive spirit and super happy through the month. On the other hand it’s not so cool to have a Birthday in December because everyone wants to combine my party with many other X-Mass parties. It’s not our fault and everyone who was born in December deserves a birthday party! 🙂


Fall look

Hello Beautiful People,

hopefully you are doing great despite this cold, sad weather. Sooner or later we will have to accept that few months of cold and rain are coming. Do not let it take your motivation! This weekend we had a surprisingly good weather; full of sunshine which is amazing as it is not very common to happen in the UK. Finally I was able to leave home and take photos with my brand new camera. After a very long time deciding what to buy, I finally made up my mind and bought Nikon D5500. Honestly, so far I am not entirely sure how to use it haha. Previously I took all my photos with smartphone, oopss. I had to start somewhere.  


Fabi boutique

I recently got teamed up with Fabi Boutique to talk about their fabulous Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection which is wonderful. For those who do not know yet, Fabi Boutique is an Italian online store which sells perfectly designed man and woman’s shoes, bags, clothing and accessories for every fashion lover that admires Italian style. If you need to update your F/W wardrobe, Fabi Boutique is a perfect place to shop.

Fabi Boutique Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection is inspired by nature. They aimed to combine different aspects of nature to design a collection that represents the elegance and charm of the Italian woman. You can transform your look with Fabi collection from classic to sophisticated.

I picked up a few pieces from their collection that I really like. Their shoes represent seductive perfection (see the photo above).

New collection consists of different lines and each has a story behind it:

Fabi Basic Line

In this fashion line designers mixed classic models and patterns that represent the long tradition of the Fabi statement Shoes. Basic line offers exclusive boots, ankle boots and laced shoes with fur which define signature look inspired by Maison.

Underground: the power of the earth made fashion

This lovely line of collection represents a woman who knows what she wants in her life. She loves to explore life that’s why she chooses fearless black leather and dark brown boots. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

Under the skin: the strength of the Universe flows under the leather

This line is perfect for women who love to experiment with their style and are focused on their future. Precious patterns are inspired by the secret energy that surrounds us.  

Under water: fluidity is a sporting attitude

Designers combined lightweight materials to bring seductive perfection to life. Shoes made for active woman that always enjoys life in style.   

Under the sky: light lines and intangible volumes

Sky full of stars, chilly autumn morning are the reasons behind this beautiful and energetic line. The trendiest colors of this season are different shades of blue and black.

I really like their new collection as it is very chic and feminine.

What are your thoughts about it?




Red bag and white trousers

I have never been a big fan of white jeans however I think this model is a perfect fit and very summerish. Although the summer is coming to an end, it does not mean that you need to replace a pair of white jeans for blue ones yet. You can mix white with any colorful or even white shirt or blouse, mix prints and colors to look fresh and chic. I am wearing white jeans that I bought in Zara with simple plain blue t-shirt from H&M that I paired with stunning statement red bag from Matalan and black high heels from Deichmann. I went for a seriously stylish look! Overall this look is very affordable and easy to style it. Usually I do not shop in Matalan or Deichmann, do not get me wrong, it is nothing wrong with these shops but in most cases I cannot really find anything that I would like to own and that’s why I stopped going there. I guess it is good to pay a visit after a while and then you may be surprised and find something you like.


Hello Beautiful People,

It’s been a long time since I published a new blog post. I was on holidays in Slovenia. Imagine not seeing your family and friends for 6 months…. You do not really want to spend your free time in front of a computer as you have so much to catch up with them. I had a lush time back home. It was a proper summer escape as it was around 35 C all the time. I enjoyed homegrown vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, just baked cookies, all the best from mom’s hotel. That’s what I really miss since I live on my own. I have also been in Serbia on EXIT festival, it was a good experience but insanely crowded. We have seen some very good acts like  John Newman, Faithless, Martin Garrix, Hardwell,… Unfortunately we missed Clean Bandit as we were not there on the 1st day.

Vintage Outfit, Slovenia, Alps


Floral Print

Not long ago, I was contacted by Boutique of Molly, they came across my blog and were very impressed with what I do. It is always nice to hear positive feedback and at the same time I was really pleased to hear that someone appreciates my hard work. I have to tell you that this is my first fashion collaboration. Yeahh, so happy!!!