Evening with Lush Bournemouth

Lush Store Bournemouth

Recently, I have been focusing on using more natural and cruelty-free products in my daily skincare routine. That’s why I was so excited when I received an invite for an evening with Lush Bournemouth and Bournemouth bloggers.

So let me tell you more about this exciting evening with Lush.

When I arrived at Lush, I was greeted with prosecco. Immediately I was accompanied by one of their friendly and very knowledgeable team members who introduced me to a massage bar – I had no idea there is such a thing, because usually we only hear about massage oils. If you don’t know what a massage bar is, it actually looks very similar to a soap bar but instead is used for massage. I was given a sensual shoulder massage with “Tender is the night” massage bar by Lush staff member. For your information, this bar is incredible, it melts easily onto the skin to allow a smooth massage and leaves tenderly soft skin which is really well moisturised.

After a massage, Lush team demonstrated how to make a ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb, and later I gave it a go myself. My ultimate fav Lush product is still a bath bomb – I mean who doesn’t love a relaxing bath every now and then?!?

I was genuinely excited to find out how to make one myself. When I observed Lush staff making one, it looked rather simple, but that was far from the case when I tried to copy what I just saw. Mine does not look exactly the same as the one you get from the shelve but it does the job just as good.

Then we started making ‘Bûche de Noël’ cleanser. Making it, was slightly messy, however it has immediately brought Christmas feels to me. Bûche de Noël is packed with festive ingredients including juicy mandarins, cranberries and a drop of brandy to give you that ‘elfy glow. I have already replaced my daily cleanser with this one. You should definitely give it a go too!

Bûche de Noël’ cleanser

If you’re wondering whether Lush started selling Halloween or Christmas range, the answer is YESS for both. If you are hoping to start your Christmas shopping, then head over to your nearest Lush shop, the range is so beautiful, smells so nice, you can’t miss it!! Whoever will receive a product from this range as a gift, it’s going to be thankful to you forever.

Lush Store Bournemouth

Lush Christmas Range 2018

Lush Christmas 2018

Just before the end of our evening we’ve had a small raffle where we were awarded for presenting our new skills. I listened very hard so there was no surprise that my answer was correct and I won a washcard 🙂 If there is a small chance that you don’t know what that is I shall explain… So instead of buying a whole new bottle of a perfume, you can firstly grab a washcard to actually find out if you like the scent. it’s such a clever way to try out new perfumes or to help your favourites last longer.  

Lush Halloween 2018

To end the evening in style, we were spritzed with Snow Fairy body spray which smells incredible! The Lush evening was fantastic, I have learned so many useful tips, and got introduced to new products in the market!

Thank you Lush team for having us!


Sanja xx

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