How to Build a Daily Skincare Routine


To take care of your skin, especially in the transition months, is always so tricky. Cold months always dry out my skin, and I always find it very difficult to build the right daily skincare routine to fix that.

We are told on a daily basis that this and that product and routine will give us the complexion of our dreams. But with all the overwhelming information constantly being fed to us, where do we begin?

One option is to visit a skin clinic to have a skin analysis done, or visit a department store/high street shop where they can quickly check your skin hydration levels. I have visited a Body Shop recently where they can quickly check your skin hydration levels using a special tool that recognises skin hydration levels. I found out that my skin is pretty much dehydrated, but not everywhere, which means that I have a combination skin type. My forehead is perfectly balanced, but everything else is just a mixture of dry and oily parts.

So, to build a daily skincare routine that will hydrate and nourish your skin, you don’t need to invest in 13 different products, but you should follow these steps:


For most of my life, I have thought my skin type is dry. I was wrong all this time, so perhaps it’s now time for you to visit a professional and find out exactly what your skin is like and therefore what it needs the most.

If your skin is a combination one, get products that include:

  • Hyaluronic acid – hydrating
  • Vitamin E – nourishing
  • Vitamin C – protecting (antioxidants)

Avoid products with:

  • Alcohol
  • Perfume
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum


Now you know what ingredients each product should have and which to avoid. You should have also worked out if you need milk, cream, or balm-based cleanser.

So first of all, make sure you cleanse your skin in the morning and also in the evening. It is so important to get rid of all impurities and dirt from your skin before the next step.

One tip to save the planet: instead of cotton buds invest in a muslin cloth.

After cleansing, you should always apply a toner to balance out your skin Ph. You have to understand that a cleanser will clean your skin but it will also remove some of the good things, that’s why it’s so important to finish a cleansing routine with a toner.

My favourite cleansing products at the moment are Body Shop Vitamin E range. They are refreshing, hydrating alcohol-free products with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheat germ oil. Helps to maximise absorption of follow on products.

My Fav Skincare Body Shop


Proper hydration is the key to a healthy, glowing and plump looking skin. It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily, you still need to moisturise it.

Now you know that after cleansing routine, you need to apply a moisturiser, but don’t just rub it in, use circular movements. By massaging a moisturiser in your skin, you will boost the blood circulation, and your skin will look even more glowing.

Not long ago, I have come across the Beauty Pie & since then I am literally obsessed with their products. For those who don’t know Beauty Pie, they sell luxury products for an affordable price. In short, they don’t spend money on fancy shiny packaging like prestige brands instead they offer a simple pack with little decoration but include exactly the same product as luxury brands.

My favourite Beauty Pie moisturizing products now are:



Most people skip this step, but it is so vital!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, you need to protect your skin from UVA damage every day. Applying sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA and UVB sun damage is so important. This step should always come last, just before you apply makeup.

I am using a factor 30 or 50 for my face. I was told by a skin expert that I should not be using anything less than that. When I was at the clinic, they applied sunscreen to half of my face and nothing to another half, then they showed me how it looks under the UV light that shows everything (honestly too many things). The part of my face that had the sunscreen applied looked well protected, you could clearly see that there was a layer protecting the skin and the other half was completely exposed. I guess like many of us, we all underestimate the power of sunscreens, but believe me if you buy the right one (make sure it has the UVA and UVA protection) it makes a huge difference.

Overall my skin has gradually improved after following these steps. You know what they say, you only get one skin so make sure you take good care of it.

How does your daily skin routine look like? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your tips.  

Sanja xx

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21st October 2020 7:46 pm

Great post – I too love the Body Shop products although I realize its been a while since I used any. With so many products and brands around, it’s difficult to get through them. I wish I would have taken more care of my skin when younger – especially when it comes to sunscreen. I used to think combination products containing SPF was ok but apparently they are not as effective as applying sunscreen separately – seems people don’t apply enough. Thanks for sharing the Beauty Pie products you use, they look interesting.

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