Chanel vs Max Factor Mascara

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Often I ask myself, why do I spend so much on luxury make-up instead of buying high street products, the prices of which are undoubtedly the best around? Every now and then I feel guilty as luxury makeup shouldn’t be on top of my spending list and I end up in Superdrug or Boots to balance it out. Is expensive makeup any better than budget makeup? Is there any difference at all?

Are you looking for a new mascara? Not sure if you want to spend a fortune? Perfect mascara is girl’s best friend and there are so many mascaras to choose from that it can get pretty intense to decide. Having said that, everyone always wants a mascara that isn’t too light (yet won’t smudge!) and has lengthening and volumising effects… basically, we want a perfect combination everything in one formula. Here I am comparing Chanel vs Max Factor Mascara, expensive vs. affordable.

I need to start by saying this: luxury does not always mean better. So, if you want to treat yourself and grab a new product, I strongly recommend you take a trip to Debenhams or Selfridges to try it first. When you’re done with your makeover, ask a beauty consultant for a tester. Take two or three days to test it on your own – after that, it’s a time for decision. Believe me, this method works and will guarantee that you’ll love any purchase you make after testing a sample out first.

Anyway, back to the mascara. At the moment I’m using CHANEL Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel(£25). It has all I need in one formula, offering volume, length, separation and curl! The short bristles give you an instant volume. There’s no need for layering up, as with first coat you get super-sized lashes; Chanel’s formula curls up your lashes, giving your eyes a wide-open look. It does not smudge and lasts whole day. While I do have naturally long lashes, this mascara makes them extremely long.

CHANEL Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel
CHANEL Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel

If you’re looking for a mascara that gives you really long lashes and curl, then Chanel is definitely worth the purchase.

Unfortunately, even this mascara has a downside: the price. For that price I would expect it to last at least 2-3 months before it dries out and start smudging. Sadly, after a month of daily use – and I only apply one layer in the morning before I go to work – the mascara got dry and started smudging. For that price, you would expect more.

CHANEL Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel 2
CHANEL Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel

With my Chanel mascara no longer fit for the job, I decided to try a drugstore brand mascara, Max Factor False Lash Effect (£10.99).

This mascara won InStyle‘s Best Beauty Buys award in 2014 – and, besides that, I’ve read many good reviews about it – so I thought it could be a worthwhile substitute. The clue’s in the name: this mascara promises to give you this amazing false lash volume effect. In reality, it does build up volume but you need to really layer this one up to reach a false lash-type volumising effect.

The good thing about Max Factor False Lash Effect is that it doesn’t smudge and will stay on all day. But that’s all you get for this price. If you want to curl up your lashes and get an ‘eyes-wide-open’ look, you’ll need to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, otherwise you can say goodbye to the curl part. I am missing the lengthening effect too; I feel this mascara creates more volume than length. It does very little to my lashes, even with 2-3 coats.

Max Factor False Lash Effect
Max Factor False Lash Effect

The verdict

As much as I love the job this Chanel mascara does, I don’t think it’s worth spending £25 on if, like most of us, you’re on a budget. For this sort of money, you should get a good three months out of a tube – in this case it’ll be well worth the price. I will definitely buy it again; it is slightly overpriced, but it does all I need. On the other hand, I won’t be repurchasing this particular Max Factor mascara as it does nothing for me. I am really surprised that it has such a good rating on so many beauty pages. That means I have just spent an extra £10.99 instead of just lumping on £25 for a luxury brand that does the job. Basically, it’s worth spending more for a good mascara. As I mentioned before, perfect mascara is girl’s best friend!

Do you have your favorite mascara?


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  1. A really interesting read, I’m not huge on mascara but the difference is pretty amazing. I’ve spent my whole life using highstreet brands so it’s interesting to see the difference them.

    • FashionMission

      Thank you Nicole. It definitely pays off!I also like Lancome mascaras, you should definitely try one! With Chanel or Lancome mascara you get thicker, longer lashes…worth investing xx

  2. Loved seeing detailled close ups of these as normally it’s so hard to compare mascara in pictures. I think the Chanel one does look a lot thicker. I love the Urban Decay Perversion and the Benefit They’re Real – but those both come in at around £20 too. I thought it wouldn’t be worth it but I think I’ll be sticking with them for life now! #convert

    • FashionMission

      Thank you dear!Chanel is definitely a lot thicker. I found out that it pays off if you pay a bit more for a mascara. Max Factor is ok but not my style, I like thicker, longer lashes. How is Urabn Decay Mascara, I have never tried it before? x

      • I find it incredibly thick and long. It’s very wet so you have to wait a while for it to try and it’s tricky on lower lashes. But it’s amazing for upper lashes and it looks really full and super black. Definitely my favourite!

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