LookIncredible Beauty Box August Review


LookIncredible Beauty Box August

Hello, I have to admit I haven’t been a good blogger recently, but in the summer all I fancy doing is chilling on the beach and the time just flies away. By the time I got home from the beach, another month went by, and so has another beauty box! I missed the July LookIncredible Beauty Box. But, it’s never too late and LookIncredible Beauty Box August is here to be revealed! LookIncredible Beauty Box never disappoints. I am simply amazed by the products included in the box. Definitely a great value for the money!

Here is what is included in the box:

Nars Pure Sheer Lip Treatment

Fusion Beauty Primer

BareMineral Ready Eye Shadow

Ooh Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil

Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine Gloss Haute

LookIncredible Beauty Box August

Nars Pure Sheer Lip Treatment – £15Nars, Benefit Lipstick

My first Nars product and I am amazed at it. This beautiful lip balm that deeply nourish and hydrate dry lips. I have used the lip balm for over a week and I admit it has definitely improved my chapped lips. Ingredients included are wild mango butter, vitamin e, polar berries and acai oil.

Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine Gloss Haute – £9.99

If you love lip glosses, then go for this Benefit ultra shiny lip gloss because it gives you exactly what they promise. This lip gloss makes your lips super shiny. However, I do not really like using lip glosses as they usually turn out extremely sticky but I have to say that this one is not as sticky as some of them I tried before.

Fusion Beauty Primer – £24.99

Honestly, I am not a big fan of primers. In general, I have a very dry skin, especially in winter so I never use primers as they often dry out my skin. This primer, in general, is surprisingly good, I can use it during summer. It promises to smooth imperfections, brightens skin, decreases the appearance of pores and colour corrects. After 30 days Fusion promises a beautiful complexion.

Bareminerals eyeshadowBareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow – £25

Stunning eyeshadow to get perfect smokey eyes look. Play around with colours to get the die for look. Eyeshadow 4.0 provides long-wearing colour, easy application and seamless blend ability.

Ooh Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil – £19

Argan oil that helps the skin retain its natural moisture. We all know there are plenty of advantages of using Argan oil. So, this one is no game changer. It is rich in Vitamin E and other essential fatty acids. If you have a dry skin, use it only in the evenings as it will moisturise your skin throughout the night. I noticed if I use it in the morning as a day cream, it won’t moisture my skin enough, so I had to apply a day cream after all. Another advantage of having Argan oil at home is that you can simply use it as a hair oil.


LookIncredible Beauty Box August

The verdict

The total value of this beauty box is £93.98. Each month LookIncredible surprises me with a great selection of products in the box. I think it is definitely worth of purchasing. As you can see, I got products worth £93.98 but I only paid approximately £21. Happy days!

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