Lately I have been over occupied with workload my new job brings to my life and I literally did not find the time to focus on my blog, and share fun and inspiring stories with you. Honestly, I do not like the situation I am in at the moment, but hopefully, sooner or later I will manage to find a work-blog balance. I really love blogging and I am one of those who believe in saying “focus on what makes you happy, and do not let anyone bring you down” So, enough about me, let me tell you what beautiful items I received in LookIncredible Beauty Box November edition.

Once again, LookIncredible team did not disappoint. I really love all the items they have included in November LookIncredible Beauty box. For approximately £21 per month, you always receive 5 full-sized products, and not just any products, you receive products from well-known beauty brands. Isn’t that awesome? Definitely a bargain.


In LookIncredible Beauty Box November edition, I have received:

No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum – £14.99

Spa Retreats Indulgence Moisturizing Body Cream – £16

Lord & Berry Lipstick Carryon – £10

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – £19

Korres Colour Sunflower & Primrose Eyeshadow – £10

First beauty product from the list is No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum. If you have been reading my blog, you noticed that I’ve been trying to avoid anti-ageing products, but let’s face it (not sure if I truly live by what I am about to say next, we all want to stay young and beautiful forever:)) we all do get older, so why not get older in style. Well, since I got the beauty box, I have been using both serums, day and night. Serums are supposed to even out the skin tone, reduce wrinkles and make skin firmer. I have been only using them for 7 days so I cannot really say that I have noticed any difference yet, but comparing to other serums on the market, this one is immediately absorbed by the skin without drying it out. My skin does feel smoother and looks more radiant. Even if you have a sensitive skin, you can definitely trust this one, I had no problems so far.


Next beauty product from the box is Spa Retreats Indulgence Moisturizing Body Cream. Never before have I tried a product from this brand. During the winter time, my skin gets extremely dry because of heating, wind, cold, and …. So I really need a deep moisturizer and this one is definitely living up to its promise. It has a very thick consistency, but it absorbs in skin very quickly. It is a luxurious body cream made from shea butter and coconut oil.    


Third product in the box is Lord & Berry Lipstick Carryon – 20100 Matte. I received diva #7284 colour. I have tried a few of Lord & Berry products before and they are good. So, this lipstick is super easy to apply, it is hydrating, and the colour is so intense. Great colour pick for winter months!

lord berry lipstick

Next product is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. This lipstick is amazingly hydrating. I received a lip treatment in velvet shade. Good think about it, is that you can build up the colour, more layers you apply, more intense colour you get. Another positive thing about it, is that it has SPF15, which is extremely important, even in winter months.


Last but not least is Korres Colour Sunflower & Primrose Eyeshadow (31 Bronze Brown). This eyeshadow arrived just in time when I was about to buy a new, beige/brown eyeshadow. Since I got it, I have been wearing it everyday. You can apply it lightly for a daily makeup or build up for a dramatic, intense finish. It lasts me for 8 hours at least without re-applying. Definitely worth buying it!



The Verdict

As mentioned earlier, this LookIncredible Beauty Box is really amazing. I received the products that I have been actually looking to buy soon, so for me it was perfect timing. Overall, it is definitely a good value for the money spent.

What is your favourite beauty box subscription?



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