New Menu Tasting at the Master Builder’s


Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen! Every hour of hard work that I put in my blog, has finally paid off. Last weekend I have been invited to the Master Builder’s Hotel in the New Forest National Park on the south coast of England to spend a night there and taste their new food menu.
So let me tell you more about our experience at the Master Builder’s hotel.
When we arrived at the hotel, we were politely greeted by the receptionist who shown us around and gave us the keys to our room. When we opened the door to our room, we soon understood the meaning behind the “quirky luxury” hotel. Our room was so aesthetically pleasing to look, so beautifully decorated. Later on, we found out that each room was individually created by the well-known interior designer Christine Boswell. We stayed in the Posh Classic Room in the Henry Adams wing. After we settled down, we went outside to explore the area. So here are my top 4 reasons why you should consider visiting the Master Builder’s hotel.  


  1. You might see a GIANT OTTER in the Beaulieu river. We were lucky enough to see one, I have never seen one in the wild before.
  2. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of too busy city life, then this hotel is a perfect place for you to unwind. The hotel has a stunning location with beautiful views over the Beaulieu River.
  3. It’s just a few minutes away from beautiful Exbury Gardens and Beaulieu National Motor Museum
  4. Enjoy the walks by the river in unspoiled nature

After we returned back to the hotel, we started getting ready for our dinner. We were very much looking forward to tasting their new food menu which we were told is now prepared by their new Italian chef. We had a dinner booked in their Riverview Restaurant, which is also AA Rosette-awarded.
When we received the menu, we were immediately spoilt for choice. They offer a great selection of wine and ales, plus different non-alcoholic drinks. On this occasion, a bottle of good white wine seemed like a perfect decision. You know what they say “Life is too short to drink bad wine”. 🙂

For a starter, we picked a pumpkin soup and Rabbit Terrine in Pancetta that came with fresh bread and thank goodness we did. Now that I am writing this review, I wish I could be there and eat this food all over again.

A pumpkin soup came with pistachios on top and tofu. All these ingredients mixed together made this soup absolutely delicious – this soup is a perfect balance of tastes. I love creamy soups, so when tasting this soup, I simply couldn’t be happier.
A Rabbit Terrine in Pancetta is something that I have not tried before, but it has definitely paid off following an advice from our very experienced waiter, to try this too. This dish came with shallots, broad beans and curried carrots. Fresh, exquisitely textured, and warmly flavoured, this dish was above any other rabbit dish we have recently tried.

Both preferring the meat options, we went for mains; Fillet of Venison and Beef Steak. Fillet of Venison is again something that I have not had before but am so glad I’ve tried it. it’s distinctive, rich in flavour, and definitely, something, that a meat eater should experience. I was told venison needs to be cooked as rare as you dare to keep the meat moist, and so was my fillet. It was so soft and full of flavours. Filet came served with Pommes Anna, Romanesco and glazed figs.

We also tried a Beef Steak that was incredibly rich in flavour, a perfectly cooked steak to medium. I have had many steaks in my life but this was certainly one of the best.

After all this food that we had, we couldn’t resist trying a dessert. Because we were already so full, we decided to share a plate. We finished our dinner with a salted caramel pannacotta. It was deliciously light and creamy.

We will definitely be visiting the Master Builder’s again! Thank you so much for having us, we absolutely enjoyed every single minute!



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