Wardrobe organisation ideas for girls on the move

My biggest issue is “how to organise my wardrobe”. It always seems like a mission impossible, so here is Derek Lotts sharing helpful tips with us.

The lives we all live these days are so hectic that it’s getting almost impossible to stay true to your routines and habits that you’ve been so used to relying on, and it’s even harder to stay tidy and organised. Depending on the type of work you do and your relationship/family status, your life surely has the tendency to become too overwhelming, that is, if you get stuck as to how to plan it out. Fast lives, fast jobs, a lot of traveling, too many commitments… it’s so easy to get absolutely lost! Even though I am guy, I can say that we are not that different. We too have wardrobe organisation issues, just rarely tackle them. But it’s not about the gender it’s about getting up in the morning and being able to easily find what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re super busy. I had a lot of clutter and a lot of pieces just scattered here and there. Good guy Google helped me out. I started doing research and next thing you know; I was customising my own wardrobe. I managed to keep it all under control and tidy for two years now. It’ doable. It’s definitely doable. To lend a hand everyone (at least a bit), I’m laying out a wonderfully helpful set of tricks and hacks that will help even the busiest girls out there!

Knock knock!

For spaces that are tiny, it is crucial to make use of every bit of them in order to have your things under control. Organizing a small space isn’t just about storing things but also about how easily you can find them when you are in a hurry. Using the inside of your wardrobe  door to lay out your belts, jewellery , bags, scarves and other light items is perfect! You can even make your own hanger!

wardrobe tips
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The Quick Guide To What To Wear At Gigs!

gig outfitsWhether you’re a Carl Cox, Calvin Harris or Coldplay kinda gal, I’ve got you covered with perfect outfits to wear to any gig. With genres like metal or reggae, you probably feel the need to go with some sort of genre-related outfit, but not necessarily. For example, I love black and I wish there was a colour darker than black, but that doesn’t mean that I am into hardcore metal – in fact, I’m not at all, with my music tastes being quite the opposite. Sometimes I find myself singing along to the sweet tunes of Taylor Swift, and in the evening I’m more likely to be rocking the dancefloor, listening to Jooris Voorn.


look incredible beauty box

A new month is here, and with it is the new beauty box from Look Incredible. It is my second beauty box from Look Incredible as I was so amazed with their April edition. With no skincare samples, only full sized products. Win – win, isn’t it? May edition did not disappoint either but I have to say that I prefer April edition over this one. This box is once again featuring 5 full sized products. Again, another reason for the purchase as it is a great value for the money which totals £86.  


Look Incredible Beauty Box Review

Who does not love unboxing beauty boxes? After plenty of purchases from different online shops offering beauty boxes, I realised that products included in the beauty boxes have started to repeat (check previous beauty box review). Most upsetting, usually there is only one full size product included, everything else is in travel/tester size. Having said that, I have recently came across Look Incredible Beauty Box. The best part of it is that all products come in full size. Yes, you read it right, full size! Win-Win! So, monthly subscription is £18.99 (UK only) and you get 5 products I am totally overwhelmed with this beauty box. Besides that, products in the box are from well established brands which is another plus for Look Incredible. Isn’t that amazing? April’s edition of Look Incredible Beauty Box is worth £84.98.  

How to Capture the Perfect Travel Photos?

I always wonder how to capture picture-perfect photos and here I have a solution for all of you. When you’re on vacation or just traveling around, the memories of the beautiful places, people, scenery, smells and tastes that you experience will always stay with you. And, of course, the best way to continuously enjoy these memories is by capturing the moment in the most faultless way. Besides having fun and exploring new cultures while traveling, it is also one of the best things that you can do for your health. It helps your physical and mental health, with many travelers saying that it’s also excellent for the soul. Read more about why traveling is good for your health here

Spring/Summer 2016 Wardrobe Essentials

Finally days are getting longer and warmer, summer is fast approaching. I love spending endless hours on the beach reading a book and relaxing with my friends, I just simply love this time of the year. Luckily for us spring/summer lovers, time has come to swap our winter with summer wardrobe. Having said that, you can still transform your light graphic stripe t-shirts, minnies and skinnies from winter’s wardrobe to spring. I have picked my favourite spring/summer items from Farfetch online shop. Farfetch is a global community of over 400 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers. They also ship worldwide. If you want the “hot right now” look, you definitely need to check their shop. Here is my guide for must have items in your wardrobe this spring/summer and how to style them for any occasion.



A while ago I have experienced a photoshooting in the most extreme conditions possible. Imagine winds up to 60 mph, rain, cold,… everything that can turn photoshooting in disaster. I am sure you are struggling to take photos during the week because you end up living 9-5 life and hope for nice weather in the weekend 🙁  Luckily, I have recently met a new  blogger friend Nikki who shared that amazing experience with me. It definitely felt like the end of world is coming. Undoubtedly, we managed to find a lovely spot in Bournemouth’s East Cliff and took some pretty nice pictures even though that conditions were not that amazing.

How to Style it: Trainers


My article was first published on #TheCloset.

As spring is fast approaching, trainers are undoubtedly a must item for the season ahead. Luckily for us, even Victoria Beckham ditched her trademark heels for comfy trainers recently – proof alone that sports shoes are kind of a big deal in the fashion game right now. I’ve found the perfect pair of trainers for any occasion, and everything you need to wear with them.


Chanel vs Max Factor Mascara

My article was first published on #TheCloset.

Often I ask myself, why do I spend so much on luxury make-up instead of buying high street products, the prices of which are undoubtedly the best around? Every now and then I feel guilty as luxury makeup shouldn’t be on top of my spending list and I end up in Superdrug or Boots to balance it out. Is expensive makeup any better than budget makeup? Is there any difference at all?

Are you looking for a new mascara? Not sure if you want to spend a fortune? Perfect mascara is girl’s best friend and there are so many mascaras to choose from that it can get pretty intense to decide. Having said that, everyone always wants a mascara that isn’t too light (yet won’t smudge!) and has lengthening and volumising effects… basically, we want a perfect combination everything in one formula. Here I am comparing Chanel vs Max Factor Mascara, expensive vs. affordable.