Seven Tips For Stunning Winter Skin

winter skincare
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Hello Beautiful,

Are you tired of dry, itchy and flaky skin? Here’s my guide for stunning winter skin. My feature about winter skin care was first published on #TheCloset.

In winter, our skin has to deal with two extremes. As soon as we get outside, it’s extremely cold and, when we are inside, it’s warm again. Central heating in the living areas dry out the air, which, of course, also dries out our skin. Skin is body’s biggest and most impacted organ – we have to protect it. 


The 14th isn’t far off, Valentine’s day is quickly coming up. Valentine’s day is not only for people in lovely relationships, it is for all of us, single or taken, who cares. Having said that, it is one of the reasons why you should treat yourself this Valentine’s day. For your convenience, luckily, I have teamed up with amazing Scissors Christchurch hair salon to pamper yourself and bring extra style to new you this Valentine’s. One of my lucky readers will get a free haircut and finish. And it’s my first giveaway ever on blog, so happy happy! It’s a win-win.


January LookFantastic Beauty Box

Hello Beauties,

I hope you had a good start of the year and are still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. Have you ordered January LookFantastic Beauty Box? Few days ago I received mine and honestly I am not overly happy with the content. I have been subscribed to LookFantastic for a while now and I can recognize 3 brands that were previously included in beauty boxes which is a shame because I would like to try more new brands and Lookfantastic offers a wide range of beauty brands.  



FAUX FUR coat close up

After a while of only writing about beauty products, I am publishing a brand new outfit post. Do you know that feeling when you buy an item that you really like but you are too scared to wear it? You think it’s not really appropriate, you do not want to stand out too much or you just do not dare to be you and rock the outfit. It takes a lot of guts to finally wear it 🙂 Here it is my brand new item, FAUX FUR COAT by Zara. Do you like faux fur coats? If you style it nicely, it can look really chic and fashionable but there is a thin line between looking stylish or cheap (read it: slutty) 🙂 It’s kind of a big deal…



It’s January and most of the people have picked up New Year Resolutions. It has been scientifically proven that people stick to NY resolutions for a week or two. I think if you really want a change in your life or become better, you don’t really need a New Year. Undoubtedly, all it takes is strong will/desire/power. Believe in yourself!

Revive your hair with the New Milk_Shake Energizing Blend


Hello Beauties,

Are you looking for a new hair care range? Is your hair uncontrollable? I  am always on hunt for new hair care products, especially during winter when I realize that my hair is weak, ends are out of control and without shine. Recently I got this incredible opportunity to write for Charee Mag. Here I am sharing my first article with you. I got a chance to test this amazing hair range from Milk_shake, all-natural Energizing Blend Range as it is designed to energise and thicken thin, weak and fragile hair, whilst stimulating the scalp, hair and body. If you want to know my opinion and share your thoughts about it, click here.



Raffaello Cake

Happy December is coming to an end. Undoubtedly, you must have had many chances to indulge yourself with yummy cookies and desserts over holiday but December is not over yet. Before we start with New Year’s resolutions such as detox, diet, healthy lifestyle and so on (borringgg :)), New Year, New Me 🙂 I think we deserve to have at least one more piece of yummy dessert before we enter the New Year. This Raffaello Cake is a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve dessert.  

I am not a cake master, nevertheless this Raffaello cake is super easy to make and if you know Raffaello Chocolate, you will love it, it tastes even better.

What 2015’s Most-Liked Instagram Photos Say About Us

Recently I was offered this amazing opportunity to write for “The Closet – Hit The Floor”. I am so overwhelmed to share my first article with you where I talk about What 2015’s Most-Liked Instagram Photos Say About Us. Undoubtedly, you all know who is dominating the 2015 list, it is Swift – Jenner “war”. Have you ever thought what most liked photos say about us? 

Swift vs Jenner

Click here to read more.




GLAM AND GLITTER christmas outfit

My Christmas outfit this year is filled with glamour, glitz and lots of sparkles. I think there is no such thing as too much glitter but make sure to save a few glitters for New Year’s Eve. If you want to look glamorous, team a pretty black glittery dress with your statement high heels as I did and you will get a nice glam and glitter Christmas outfit. Make sure to pick a spectacular outfit that will make you feel especially festive on Christmas day whether you are staying at home with family or going out partying.


December's lookfantastic beuaty box

I am so happy to share December’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box review with you. Once again I love the design of the box. I received a Christmas edition 3/3. I received a #LFBeautybox few days ago and I did not even know that I signed for a monthly plan, haha. Anyway it was a nice surprise on Saturday morning as I love unwrapping beauty boxes, who doesn’t ha? 🙂


Christmas Wishlist

Happy December has begun and I decided to share my beloved Christmas Wishlist with you. It’s actually my Christmas plus Birthday Wishlist as I am one of those (un)lucky babies born in December. On one hand it’s nice as everyone is in festive spirit and super happy through the month. On the other hand it’s not so cool to have a Birthday in December because everyone wants to combine my party with many other X-Mass parties. It’s not our fault and everyone who was born in December deserves a birthday party! 🙂