Pampering sessions with Smart Skin Salon

I have been talking a lot about skincare and how important a skin routine is, but can you believe that I only had my very first facial done in my 30s. I never really had any major problems with my skin except for its dryness which gets really bad during cold months but that’s all, so I really hope this doesn’t change.

Recently I have teamed up with Marta from Smart Skin Salon where I was introduced to a world of amazing facials, chemical peels, cleansing treatments and many more.
Honestly, that feeling and joy when you are being pampered is simply the best thing in the world & nobody should feel guilty to take care of their selves & their inner happiness. Skincare is crucial!

Smart Skin salon offers a variety of face, body and makeup treatments. But before you start with any of the treatments, it’s so important that a clinician fully analyzes your skin so that you get a treatment targeted to your skin type.

Marta uses Skin Diagnosis System tool that thoroughly analyses skin using a micro-camera, plus a hydration sensor.

With this skin analysis you will find out the following:

  • how oily your skin is?
  • if your skin is lacking keratin,
  • size of your pores
  • the depth of facial wrinkles
  • how hydrated your skin is
  • and most importantly how to improve your skincare routine

But most importantly, after the analysis, you will receive professional advice on how to improve your skin level at home and also in a salon. You will get a report of the analysis where you will find out exactly what is causing issues with your skin, what to avoid to improve this, plus which ingredients work for you and which don’t.

I have also tried several chemical peels which really helped to reduce my skin pigmentation, plus different hydration masks.

Do you visit a beauty salon often? What treatments have you tried so far?


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