The Quick Guide To What To Wear At Gigs!

gig outfitsWhether you’re a Carl Cox, Calvin Harris or Coldplay kinda gal, I’ve got you covered with perfect outfits to wear to any gig. With genres like metal or reggae, you probably feel the need to go with some sort of genre-related outfit, but not necessarily. For example, I love black and I wish there was a colour darker than black, but that doesn’t mean that I am into hardcore metal – in fact, I’m not at all, with my music tastes being quite the opposite. Sometimes I find myself singing along to the sweet tunes of Taylor Swift, and in the evening I’m more likely to be rocking the dancefloor, listening to Jooris Voorn.

Fashion’s here to experiment with: rock your closet and, most importantly, have fun! The most important to remember about gigs is that you should always wear something that’s comfy and that you can dance in. You really don’t want to end up sitting in a corner because your shoes gave you blisters. Here, I’ve styled some of my go-to gig outfits for your inspiration. If you don’t own them yet, cheer up your closet with some faux leather pieces to make your look eye-catching – from skinnies to leather minis and rocker boots. And if you’re a massive fan of the band you’re seeing, by all means go all-out by adding in a timeless band t-shirt for a fun, flirty look.Gig Outfit 3


Gig outfit 1

Gig Outfit 2

How do you usually style your gig outfit?

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