Robin James Lifestyle Salon Experience


Since I started blogging, I have always wanted a collaboration with a lifestyle salon, where I could go anytime I wanted to get pretty or just to unwind. And I guess it’s true what they say if you really desire something, eventually it will come true. By wishing something with passion you run an energy pulse, which “works” to make your dream come true. So, I have been invited by Robin James to become their brand ambassador wiiii 🙂 I could not be happier, I am so so grateful for this opportunity, words can’t describe it.

So, let me tell you more about Robin James Salons & Spas.

Robin James has 3 Lifestyle salons & spas across the South West of England, more precisely in Poole, Dorchester, and Sherborne.  I have been visiting their high-end Poole salon for the last couple of months, and I simply can’t explain how gorgeous it is. Plus, its perfect location, situated on the historic quayside of Poole harbour with views to the Purbecks, not to mention the interior and most importantly their super talented and friendly staff. Because of this and more, I am always so happy to come back, RJ team always makes sure, I leave their salon looking and feeling fantastic.

Robin James Services

It is a lifestyle salon & spa; therefore, they offer a variety of services, from hair cutting and colouring to spa and beauty services. They offer a wide range of Aveda Spa therapies including manicure and pedicure, hair removal, massages, facials and body treatments.

Each of RJ salons stocks a full range of Aveda retail products. All Aveda products are alive with the life force of plants and contain pure essential oils, they also stock Cloud Nine, Lumity, and OPI Nail colours.

Every time I go there, I have a chance to try a new Aveda product and believe me, they are all brilliant, not just saying that!  If you haven’t heard of Aveda yet, their products are cruelty-free, with naturally derived ingredients, and manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. Win-win for us & for the world we live in!

Since I have been part of RJ family, I have had my hair cut, coloured, nails polished, plus I have had Lava Shell massage done.

Lava Shell Massage

I guess not everyone is familiar with Lava Shell Massage (honestly, I haven’t heard of it before either). So, let me tell you more about it. During the massage, the masseur used heated Tiger Clam Shell and glided these over my body, plus she used this truly amazing Aveda Stress-Fix Hydrating Oil. It is definitely worth a try, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to rewind or de-stress.

Let’s not forget to mention, every time you come to RJ, you will receive a short massage depending on the service. Let’s say if you are having your hair cut, they will offer you a complimentary short head and neck massage. Before starting the massage, you are always asked to smell a few Aveda essential oils, to find out which one meets your needs on that day, and then they will use that one during the massage.

As I said it before, Robin James it’s not just like any other salon, it is a lifestyle.

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13th September 2018 9:50 am

Love this review and also your accompanying story on Instagram. I’ve tried to book to go there a few times but felt a bit anxious – sounds stupid but I think most people can find seeing a new hairdresser a bit anxiety-provoking! Will definitely have to book with them for this experience now though!

patricia evans
14th December 2018 6:59 am

I would like to go definitely next month when I will visit Dublin to England. Thanks for sharing.

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