Scentpick Perfume Subscription Review


Attention PERFUME lovers! A while ago I was contacted by Scentpick who are offering a monthly subscription for perfume. Sounds super cool, doesn’t it? So, each month you get a chance to pick a new designer fragrance to wear and receive a 30 day supply. Win – win!

Having said that, let me tell how it works:

  1. Each month Scentpick suggest six designer fragrances you’ll love.
  2. Sleek reusable case – ​The chic Scentpick case comes with your first order and can be used to hold any of the monthly perfumes Scentpick send.
  3. It’s perfectly sized to fit in your purse and use on the go.
  4. Pick one and you receive a 30 day supply in a handy Scentpick spray.
  5. Discover new perfumes and wear a big collection without breaking the Bank.

scentpick review

There are more things you will love:

Each month you get a chance to Pick a New Perfume Every month​ for just £9.99/ month with free shipping means that you can enjoy wearing a new premium perfume every month without the big pricetag of buying full bottles. Your monthly 8 ml refill will last 30 days. This is the perfect amount since it works out as 100-120 spritzes of perfume, comfortably enough for applying once or twice a day.

scentpick review 3

I picked She By Emporio Armani. I love the mix of lime, pineapple and vanilla base notes. If you are a sophisticated and chic lady, then this one is perfect choice for you. I love the scent because it is soft, fresh and very feminine. Perfect perfume for business meetings or dates perhaps. For me it last for few hours, as you know the longevity depends on individuals skin’s pH balance.

Keep them guessing & subscribe now!



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