Style It With Femme Luxe / AW Edition


Autumn fashion is finally here! I love when seasons change from summer to autumn, & we start adding more and more layers. Layering up is the easiest way to create that cool, chic look! AW2019 is super varied & believe me whatever your style, you will find your perfect piece. To me personally, autumn brings stillness, time to focus on you, & to find that inner peace after super busy summer once again. Just like the earth is “cooling” down, so do we. I always love to collaborate with fashion brands, and this time I’ve got an opportunity to work with Femme Luxe online shop. Have you ever heard of them?

Before the collaboration, I did my little research about the shop. In general, I always find it difficult to order online. First of all, I can’t decide (that is my big problem on which I really have to work on), and secondly, I can’t picture how clothes will look on me, but hey ho, I would save so much time & energy if I would finally master out that online shopping thing. To find out how Femme Luxe clothes look on real people, I have checked their #luxegals on Instagram which helped me to decide and go for it.

I like to keep my wardrobe as minimalistic as possible, meaning that I don’t like to wear too colourful pieces. Said in different words, pretty much I like to keep it cool & chic by incorporating earthy tones such as any shade of beige, grey, red, white, black, …. you know what they say, less is more! Here are my top tips for adding autumn pieces from Femme Luxe.

Tip 1: Add a Camel coat

I was given the option to select a couple of pieces of my choice from the shop.
First on my list was, of course, a Camel long belted coat. My boyfriend always says “another one?!?” and you know men just don’t understand that there are many shades of camel colour plus styles, so none of my camel coats is identical. 🙂 

A camel coat is a MUST item you have to add to your wardrobe! You might think this colour won’t look good on you but believe me, anyone can look good in camel colour, plus there are so many ways of dressing it or down. 


I absolutely love this coat! It is slightly oversized so it gives you a chance to pair it with your favourite knitted jumper or oversized sporty jumper. I have ordered a size S/M which is UK 8/10. 

Tip 2: Add Faux Leather Trousers

I thought a great addition to spice up this outfit would be by adding a black high waisted faux leather looking leggings, which certainly did the trick. When the weather is a bit gloomy, just add some sheer to your wardrobe to bring out the excitement. The trousers are in size UK10, which is slightly tight but still okay, so I would definitely recommend ordering one size bigger than usual because the material isn’t very stretchy. They have a vast selection of trousers, click here to see more.

Tip 3: Black Midi Dress Is Your Wardrobe Must

To bring the heat to my life, I have selected a midi dress that I normally would not even look at but sometimes you just have to do something you normally wouldn’t, so I have ordered the sexiest dress ever & I have to admit, I absolutely love it! The dress that I ordered comes in size UK10 & it’s a perfect fit! The material is very stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about being too tight. You can find so many gorgeous dresses on Femme Luxe, click here to see more.

Overall, I think the clothes are definitely worth the money. I have been wearing the camel coat since day one, and also trousers. Honestly, I can’t wait for my next collaboration with Femme Luxe. 

Let me know what you think about my outfits & styling ideas in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to find me on Instagram @myfashionmission


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