Hello, A while ago I have experienced a photoshooting in the most extreme conditions possible. Imagine winds up to 60 mph, rain, cold,… everything that can turn photoshooting in disaster. I am sure you are struggling to take photos during the week because you end up living 9-5 life and hope for nice weather in […]


  After a while of only writing about beauty products, I am publishing a brand new outfit post. Do you know that feeling when you buy an item that you really like but you are too scared to wear it? You think it’s not really appropriate, you do not want to stand out too much […]


I have never been a big fan of white jeans however I think this model is a perfect fit and very summerish. Although the summer is coming to an end, it does not mean that you need to replace a pair of white jeans for blue ones yet. You can mix white with any colorful […]

Red Love Outfit

  My favourite part of Sunday is the afternoon when all the shops are closed, you can hear birds singing, feel the relaxed atmosphere, it feels like haven away from the hectic city… just the perfect atmosphere to enjoy life and get ready for week ahead. 

The High Street Look

Hello Beautiful People! It was such a beautiful day for once, perfect for taking photos of my new outfit. I went on a hunt of a perfect blooming place and I found a spot in beautiful Bournemouth gardens. I bought a few pieces that I recently added to My Spring Wishlist. I can cross off […]