The Happiness Planner Review

The Happiness Planner

Next time when you are in doubt what to get for your friend’s birthday, think no more and buy The Happiness Planner, because who doesn’t want to be happier?

This year I want to focus more on my happiness, so maybe planning out happiness, instead of productivity alone, could help me get there – plus, I work from home, so this would be a great addition to my desk space.

I decided to write a review of the Happiness Planner because, in my opinion, every woman should have one at home. What I love the most about the Happiness Planner is its lovely design. The typical ‘daily’ pages are packed with questions, inspirational quotes and guides to help you become a happier, more positive person. There are also pages to remind you to eat healthily and exercise regularly – a motivation which I really need. The planner also comes with separate goal setting lists such as bucket list, change a habit and more.

The Happiness Planner

So, before you start planning your happiness, you will need to fill in pages with questions about your strengths, weaknesses, goals and such. This makes so much sense because if you don’t know what makes you unhappy, you won’t know on what to focus next to become more successful in every aspect of your life. Beginning of each month section you have a page with personal vs work goals, this month I am excited about section, happy things I will do and more.

The Happiness Planner


The only disadvantage of The Happiness Planner is its size and weight. I don’t carry it around in my bag as it’s pretty heavy, but if you don’t mind the weight you can certainly do take with you on a trip. It will fit any tote bag.



The Happiness Planner will certainly bring the sunshine into your life! Wait no more, and go shopping now. You can find the planner here.


What is your favourite planner?



5 thoughts on “The Happiness Planner Review

  1. Wow…this cute planner indeed makes for a very lovely birthday present….Great post babe…xx, Neha
    Neha recently posted…BUILDING OUR LUXURIOUS DREAM HOMEMy Profile

  2. I have a Passion Planner and I absolutely love it but I’d love to also have a Happiness Planner as well! It’s just too bad that it cost like $60 here so that part makes me sad hahaha. It looks and sounds so amazing though!

    • FashionMission

      I have not heard of a Passion Planner yet, need to check it out! The Happiness Planner is great but definitely a bit overpriced, that’s why I have been postponing the purchase for a couple of months haha. xx

  3. what a cute idea! So nice!

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    P.S. Would you like to follow each other?

    • FashionMission

      Thank you dear Lyosha! It definitely is a very cute planner!
      Follow me on social media channels, and I will follow back. You can also subscribe to my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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