Vegan Leather Clutch by JORD

JORD Eila Vegan Leather Clutch

I have always been fond of sustainable fashion. The world that we live in and the resources we have are not unlimited, so instead of buying just anything that we see, it’s so important to be aware and invest in long-lasting, good quality pieces. 2 years ago, I first collaborated with this amazing brand called JORD that is known for using unique re-claimed & natural materials to create wearable & sustainable accessories for every day & occasional wear. Having said that, I own one of JORD’s timepieces, their famous wooden watch from Frankie series which believe me, it still looks exactly the same after 2 years, and I literally wore it more or less every single day. What I am trying to tell is that JORD’s product quality is really outstanding. If you want to find out more about Frankie watch, have a look at my review.   

Over the years, JORD brand has expanded its range from watches to handbags, & sunglasses. I would like to share with you their latest edition Suberhide edition, Cork-Infused Vegan Leather clutch.  Don’t confuse suberhide with wine cork material, it certainly is not the same, Suberhide has the opposite properties of our wine cork: it is supple, stain-resistant, durable, and impervious to the elements. Bags are made out of the Cork Oak Tree that can be safely harvested every decade for 200 years. You might think, how can this be sustainable if you are cutting down the trees to make bags? Well, a Cork Oak Tree is actually one of the three trees in the world that can be stripped of its bark and thrive, plus harvesting cork reduces greenhouse gases, and it is FSC certified.

JORD Eila Vegan Leather

At JORD family, they thrive to create the best pieces that would satisfy consumer needs and help the planet at the same time, so if I’ve got your attention, then click here and take a minute to answer few questions that will help JORD design team to create even more unique pieces! After the survey, you will immediately be re-directed to JORD’s site and a $30 gift code will be applied to your shopping basket – so it’s a win-win!

JORD Vegan Leather Clutch

So, let me tell you more about this bold clutch aka wallet that I have received. Her name is EILA, and it comes in a natural & gold colour with a gold zipper. It’s extremely lightweight & a perfect size for a night out or drinks with your friends when you don’t want to carry around a heavy big bag. It has just enough room for your phone, 8 important cards, & a zipper pouch that is big enough for your “on the go” makeup. It’s functional luxury at its finest. And if your night gets wild, do not worry if you accidentally spill a drink on it, the exterior is very much water-resistant.  

JORD Eila Wallet

This wallet really feels like real leather but the best thing about this is that’s vegan leather, so no animal was harmed to create this beauty.

You can pair this clutch with a pair of jeans & a simple white t-shirt, or you go for a more extravagant option like in my case and select a lacey dress. This clutch is so versatile, you can dress it up or down, it’s your choice.

JORD Eila Gold Wallet

So tell me, have you come across JORD before? What’s your favourite piece?

Sanja x

Disclaimer: I have been gifted JORD clutch. The views and opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity.

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