Wardrobe organisation ideas for girls on the move

My biggest issue is “how to organise my wardrobe”. It always seems like a mission impossible, so here is Derek Lotts sharing helpful tips with us.

The lives we all live these days are so hectic that it’s getting almost impossible to stay true to your routines and habits that you’ve been so used to relying on, and it’s even harder to stay tidy and organised. Depending on the type of work you do and your relationship/family status, your life surely has the tendency to become too overwhelming, that is, if you get stuck as to how to plan it out. Fast lives, fast jobs, a lot of traveling, too many commitments… it’s so easy to get absolutely lost! Even though I am guy, I can say that we are not that different. We too have wardrobe organisation issues, just rarely tackle them. But it’s not about the gender it’s about getting up in the morning and being able to easily find what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re super busy. I had a lot of clutter and a lot of pieces just scattered here and there. Good guy Google helped me out. I started doing research and next thing you know; I was customising my own wardrobe. I managed to keep it all under control and tidy for two years now. It’ doable. It’s definitely doable. To lend a hand everyone (at least a bit), I’m laying out a wonderfully helpful set of tricks and hacks that will help even the busiest girls out there!

Knock knock!

For spaces that are tiny, it is crucial to make use of every bit of them in order to have your things under control. Organizing a small space isn’t just about storing things but also about how easily you can find them when you are in a hurry. Using the inside of your wardrobe  door to lay out your belts, jewellery , bags, scarves and other light items is perfect! You can even make your own hanger!

wardrobe tips
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Think inside the box!

The perfect way to organise your stuff is to have them stored in chic labeled boxes that will be laid out on shelves (visible, label facing you). Use boxes of the same size, shape, color and design (monochrome, preferably) to achieve the simple, elegant look and label them according to what’s inside. For instance, “Undies”, “Socks”, “T-shirts”, “Whites”, “Bracelets”, “Makeup”, “Gym clothes”, etc… will be perfect for someone as busy as you! If you are a visual type, snap a photo of what’s in the box. Voila!

label wardrobeImages via Imperfectly Polished / Niketyi / Magnolialane / La Dolce Vita Blog 

Basket case

Pull-out baskets are perfect for stashing away bed linen, clothes and accessories and they are extremely cheap to buy and install, and are capacious too! You can store them in the bottoms of your wardrobe  or that extra space you’ve got behind the door and close to the wall.

basket caseImages via Forever Organised / House and Garden 

Remove clutter

Even though we don’t want to admit to ourselves, virtually half of our wardrobe is stuff that we either don’t wear because they are no longer fashionable (or no longer fit) or ‘cos we keep them for sentimental reasons. And, guess what? It is predominantly these items that are constantly in the way when you need to grab something you’ll actually wear and you need right that second! You need to break free from all that stuff and make space in your wardrobe for new things. You can always turn to upcycling clothes, donating to charity, or give them to your friends who will gladly wear them. That way, everyone’s a winner! As for me, I had some of them tossed out. It’s amazing how easily I was able to find cheap rubbish removal in Sydney that are more than eager to take care of everything unwanted. Why get rid of it? Well, if you are anything like me, you’ll know that if you save all of it (thinking sometime in the future you’ll dable in upcycling), it will pile up again. Be wise and cut your losses.

cut down clothes
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Wired up!

Wires are super functional and amazingly easy to use. For instance, you can use the ones you got from the dry cleaners to store flip flops. As for the jewellery, use handles – that way you’ll have everything out in the plain sight, pick it up easily and spare yourself the trouble and precious time of going through your jewellery box and trying to entangle all that tangled up jewellery!

wires ideas
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I am sure we are so many out there with this issue. If you have any better idea, please share it with us! You know what they say “sharing is caring”.


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